I want to make a mention of the Texas foursome Honey Claws. Their eponymous debut is a wildly uneven, eclectic affair that combines electronica and straight up hip hop. There were several times while I was listening that I had to stop and make sure what I was hearing was all from the same record. There’s much experimenting going on here, sometimes too much, but it definitely kept me interested.
For my Australian fans, check the band out on tour:

11.28.08 – JunkbOx @ Aisha! – Midtown, Auckland
11.29.08 – Sagatarian MeAt eaTerz Ball – Akward, Auckland
12.05.08 – Revolver – Melbourne, Victoria
12.12.08 – JunkbOx @ Aisha! – Midtown, Auckland
12.20.08 – Aisha – Central, Auckland
12.28.08 – BW Camping Festival – Gisborne, Gisborne
12.31.08 – Rhythm and Vines – Gisborne, Gisborne

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