Sometimes, I like my music crisp and tight.  Sometimes, I like hooks and choruses and stuff I can sing along with in the car, where nobody cares if I sound like shit. Ever feel like that?  That is not a time to listen to The Antiques.

I can’t understand why this band picked its name.  “The Antiques” suggests something old, dusty and dark brown.  And boring.  And old.  If you’re looking for that, you do not want to listen to The Antiques.

But if you’re looking for experimental garage rock, with fuzz and odd voiceovers, a complete lack of hooks or harmonies, but some steady percussion, then trust me, you do want to listen to The Antiques.  It’s like Beck, only without trying to be profound.

You can preorder it for just under four bucks.  Definitely worth supporting this extremely odd, disturbed duo.

Everybody! Do the Twist!

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