AND AND AND-A Fresh Summer With And And And

Back in 2005, a band with a lead singer who voice like dying, provocative-but-obscure lyrics, and a fast, catchy, yet oddly complex musical nature erupted on the scene and caught everyone’s attention.  Their debut was one of my favorite indie albums of all time.  They then promptly did nothing and faded away.  That was the story of Clap Hands Say Yeah.   The same description seems to apply to Portland’s And And And (who will give you their album for free if you just ask for it).  This album is tremendous.  It has the full potential and re-listenability to be the best indie rock album of 2011.  It will knock you on your ass and make you get up and say “WTF?!” only be knocked right back down again.

There’s six guys in this band, so expect a big sound.  It’s generally fast, with unusual lyrics about buying a soul and being a ghost and sailing on sinking ships and the power of youth (“I don’t recall us kids having it all wrong”) . . . It’s just too hard to explain.  They lyrics are obscure but entirely honest–like good poetry, it rings true even when you don’t fully understand it.  You know, it’s college basement music.  And Holy Christ will these songs stick in your head.

I want to say more, because I don’t feel like I’ve convinced you yet. but I’ve run out of adjectives.  Just trust me: You need to hear this album.  It will change your life, pay your mortgage, get you laid, and cure cancer.  it’s just that good.








You can cop a bunch of EPs, along with the album, here.  I can’t believe these guys are unsigned.


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