I’m not going to say that Power Animals are novel–they’re not.  But I am going to say that they’re a band worth hearing if you dig the stadium-style soaring swells of The Arcade Fire (and who doesn’t?) and the more experimental weirdness of Of Montreal or Petra Haden.

They’re an unsigned band created by 16-year-old High School dropout Keith Hampson, who wrote most of the songs.  Instrumentally, the album features a cello, two drummers, glock, kalimba, bass, synths, violins, horns, whistling and harmonies, a toy piano, sampling, and “every suitable instrument they could get their hands on other than guitar.”  The lack of guitar means there’s no traditional hooks here–the melodies have to carry the songs.  

The album is both dense and light.  It’s dense because of the variety of sounds and the lack of easily recognizable song structure.  It’s light because . . . It just feels light.  Despite having a bit of sadness to it, the music has a sense of joy and pride.  Like Cloud Cult.

And they’re as yet unsigned, so you should listen to them loud so everyone will know you’re wicked cool.

Their debut is being distributed by Waaga records.

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