UMPHREY’S MCGEE-UM Covers It (Live From Wanee 4.12.14)

Umphrey’s McGee isn’t just a cover band, but their covers shine not only because they are incredibly talented musicians, but also because of their choices. On this collection of songs masterfully mixed from a live show in 2014, their choices tend towards classic rock (several Led Zep songs, The Police, Steely Dan, etc.), but at other times they’ve been known to bust out a modern tune now and then.

The band also tends to hew pretty close to the original, but they add unique spice, mostly in the guitar work. No, they can’t play as well as Eddie Van Halen, and they don’t even try. Rather than going for note-for-note copies of solos, they add a clear, snap-crackle-pop making it sound almost jazzy. They make copies sound like original jam sessions. And most of all, they’re clearly having a blast.

Highly recommended.

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