Ringside have been around since 2005, but it’s no surprise you’ve never heard of them before.  Right after their debut dropped, the lead singer and songwriter, Scott Thomas, broke his back.  Then Enrique Iglesias covered their single (“Tired Of Being Sorry”) and turned it into a hit record.  So the “band” (it’s really almost 100% Scott) found itself floundering. Now he’s back, with an album featuring appearances by Ben Harper, Esthero, Res, Ozomatli, some dudes from Weezer, Jim Keltner, and others.

Remember The Fame?  The Features?  I’ve recommended lots of swell DIY pop/rock bands throughout the years.  Here comes another one that deserves to rise to the top–but, sadly, in these days of overcrowded earspace, will probably just fade away.  Too bad, because he’s a terrific pop songwriter.


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