JAVELIN-Canyon Candy

David Byrne digs Javelin so much he had to put them on his label. And yes, they are that good.  More producers than performers, the Brooklyn duo have self-released a 2009 album (Jamz N Jemz) that got some blog love, a few singles, and one proper album (No Mas).  Now, they’ve taken their odd computery sensibilities to the music of the way out west.  Yeah, digital cowboy music.  Like the soundtrack to a David Lynch western or what you hear in the background of an Austin, Texas slaughterhouse, this is some of the coolest, spookiest, whacked out weirdness you’ll ever be lucky enough to hear.

Each “song” is short–they’re more bits and pieces than songs–and fun as hell.

Love this album!


Love Gulch


If Javelin’s new album is an inspiration to you maybe you should think about cutting an album yourself.  You could visit http://www.nationalpayday.com to take out enough money to buy some instruments or to get some time in a recording studio.

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