NOT VULTURE WHALE? WHAT DO YOU MEAN?-What do you mean, what do I mean?

You know who Vulture Whale is, right?  They had the 11th best indie album last year, and the 7th best EP.  That pretty much means they were the best new band of last year.  And you know who Wes McDonald is, right?  He’s been making music for a long time, and is one of the guitar/vocalists in VW.  So who the hell is Terry Ohms?  Terry is 25% Vulture Whale and (I think) 100% Wes McDonald.  Can’t tell.  Can’t find a decent bio of the “band.”  But Skybucket Records says its a “side project” from Vulture Whale ‘s Wes McDonald.

What do they mean?  “What Do You Mean, What Do I Mean?” is the name of the L.P., and it’s free to download here.

Basically, words are not needed.  Wes McDonald is a genius and I’d follow him anywhere.  Americana Punk forever!

Here’s a taste:

Hey Kid!-Terry Ohms

And here’s a little more Wes, by way of background:

1:50 In The Furnace

Greatest Night (Of My Whole Mutherfuckin’ Life)

And while you’re looking for good manly music, The Twilight Singers are offering their new single for free on their website.  Go get it, for the price of an e-mail addy.

Oh, and here’s a Terry Ohms video:

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