CANIBUS AND VINNIE PAZ-Blood Brothers (Mixtape)

I’m conflicted.  Vinnie Paz is a legend as the muscular lyricist and main voice of one of the greatest underground hardcore rap groups of all time, Jedi Mind Tricks.  But Canibus is . . . Kind of lame.  I know he’s got his fans, but ever since Eminem completely destroyed him, I can’t think of him as anything but a big pussy.

“Blood Brothers” is a street album more than a mixtape–it’s well mixed, there’s no shouting DJ, and the songs are fully formed and complete.  And most of them are pretty damn good, too.  The Paz parts, at least, are consistently solid.  And Canibus is a lot better than I expected him to be.

It’s definitely a worthy mixtape.  But the real reason I’m tossing it up is because it’s timely.  The song “Black Christmas” is pretty damn funny.

Black Christmas

Get the whole thing

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