WEEKENDS ARE FOR SINGLES featuring Cousin Stizz, a live mash up, and more!

Mash ups are good, but often at some point they trip over themselves but, really, they’re two songs that aren’t supposed to go together. But live mash ups have a better chance, because the band can smooth out the edges and make it seamless. And this one, off the new Surreal McCoy’s album, “Howl and the Growl” is terrific.

And now, a few more great tunes for your weekend….
Cousin Stizz’s Suffolk County mixtape may just be the best rap release of the year, so I’m not sure why he’s so upset. “Been smoking this weed ‘cause I’m stressin,” he says, on this new single. I fucking love this guy.

Germany Germany are from British Columbia. Go figure. But their new ambient instrumental (mostly) album is pretty good.

“It’s Alright” is the best song off Katie Stump’s new EP, Feels Like Home. It’s a bright, sunny song from a promising new artist.

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