I really didn’t want to like this band based on their name, a grammar “joke” drilled into most of us in grade school. But they forced me to. And they forced me to a lot.

I even like the short experimental instrumental cuts between some of the songs. That’s how much I dig this record.

And let’s get this clear right away: Yes, this is pop. Yes, it’s designed to be disposable. And yes, you’ll hear lots of influences here, especially Tegan and Sara, and Bjork.

But it’s still terrific. We all could use a little more bounce in our ears, for one thing, and for another it seems to change up styles on a dime, without warning, keeping the listener guessing at each transition. Plus, they eschew cliches. No rap break. And how many pop bands have songs that extend for ten minutes into a swirling electropop jam?

Great, great stuff. Check it out.

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