VARIOUS ARTISTS-“Record of the Week Club”

Record of the Week Club is a great experiment for charity.  Every week, musicians would show up at a record studio with the promise to record a song under the able guidance of award -winning musician Mike Petkau (of Les Jupes, and producer of Twilight Hotel).  They didn’t know who they’d be recording with or what the song would be about.  The result?  Jazz, punk, rock, and classical musicians were paired with songwriters, rappers, and even an opera singer and a song was created.

Some of the results are quite good–like “Step Outside” a jazzy, moody tune with a punk-like instrumental break that recalls Pink Floyd in its Saucerful of Secrets days, recorded by Joel Klaverkamp (The Hummers), Dave Quanbury (Twilight Hotel) and Andrew Workman (Ian La Rue & The Condor, The Haste).  I also really dug the energy on “Wails On” by DJ Co-Op (Electronic Artist), Bob Somers (ex-Bonaduces, ex-Paper Moon) and Steve Martens (Ash Koley).  I wish I could say that every song here is a winner (I can’t), but I can say that every song brings something interesting to the table and is worth at least a few listens.  And I can also say that the vast majority of the songs are very, very good.

Order it here.  The first $100 in sales from each track will be donated to the West End Cultural Centre to support their efforts to rebuild the greatest music venue in Winnipeg.

As a taste, I’m offering “Walkman,” my favorite cut.  Dig it, then order the album.

Walkmen-Ismaila Alfa (Solo Artist) Mark Penner (Moses Mayes)


Hey Ladies Night-Beastie Boys and Kool and the Gang (Mash up)

London Calling (Clash cover)-Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Costello, Dave Grohl, Steven Van Zandt

I Saw Her STanding There-Paul McCartney and Dave Grohl

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