BSG is R.I.P.

Last night, the greatest TV drama ever ended.  And I bawled like a bitch.  What a phenomenal show, and what a perfect ending.

Why was it the greatest?

It was better than Homicide: Life on the Street because the last few seasons of that show were very weak.  BSG retained both its quality and intensity from ep 1 to the end.

It was better than The Wire because although it had complex, interwoven stories, it also had real, hardcore human emotion and was able to hit a much wider variety of topics (Gitmo torture, the meaning of God, the formation of leaders, etc.).

It was better than Lost because it made sense.

It was better than 6 Feet Under because it had humor and tenderness–it wasn’t always bleak.

It was better than any Star Trek because it didn’t need green aliens.

It was better than Deadwood because it actually had an ending.

It was better than Buffy The Vampire Slayer because Buffy’s last season got kind of redundant.

It was better than Cracker because it had a lot more episodes and, frankly, that last Cracker TV Movie kinda sucked.

It was better than the Sopranos because BSG, while it left many questions unresolved at the end, did so while also providing closure.  There was no question that the story was over, and a new one was about to begin, every character, however peripheral, had shown growth and changed.

It was better than The Shield–but not by much.

It was better than Oz because it wasn’t as soapy or inconsistent.

Go ahead, tell me what was a better show.  And your opinion doesn’t count if you only watched the 6-hour mini-series/pilot.

All Along the Watchtower-Pearl Jam (YSI)

All Along the Watchtower-Blues Traveller

All Along the Watchtower-Phil Lesh and Friends

Stairway to Watchtower-Keller Williams

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