Minnesota’s highbrow rappers and the self-proclaimed fathers of “Dad Rap” are back with an album for Slug’s children, full of hope for the youth and hate for Trump.

A lot of this album is exactly what you’d expect: Excellent loops and production from Ant, and, from Slug, perfectly enunciated rhymes with an expansive vocabulary. Perhaps the freshest ground here is the acoustic track, Virgo, an advance single, which is one of the deepest political raps of the Trump age.

So if it’s not different, what is it? It’s great. Slug and Ant have perfected their style and, really, nobody else sounds like them–they may have a consistent message and style across most of their records (but honestly, lots of rappers are that way), but as they age they keep getting better and better. If their goal is to create the “perfect” Atmosphere album, Mi Vida Local edges them closer then ever. If nothing else, it’s easily their best since Lucy Ford.

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