It’s rated R, so there’s at least a chance it’ll be good. Haven’t seen who’s playing Lil’ Kim, who’s not happy with the flick, but I hope it’s a Barbie Doll in fishnet. As for casting Biggie, I still think they should have went with Artie Lange.

10 Crack Commandments (Notorious B.I.G.)-Joseph Arthur

Afternoon Delight (Starlight Band)/Days/Somebody Told Me (Killers)/Jessie’s Girl (Rick Springfield)/8675309 (Tommy Tutone)/Ghost Busters (Ray Parker Jr.)/Staying Alive (Bee Gees)/Physical (Olivia Newton John)/Pour Some Sugar on Me (Def Leppard)/Jeremy by Pearl Jam/Pieces of Me (Ashlee Simpson)/Hollaback (Stefani)/Big Poppa (Notorious B.I.G.)/Hero by Enrique Iglesias-Stephen Kellog

Blister in the Sun (Violent Femmes)/Hypnotize (B.I.G.)-Ominous Seapod

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