This is a wonderful, sexy, trippy record. It’s indie pop, slow, somewhat cold on its face, but when you dig deeper….I particularly like “Love, Aren’t We Angry?” The understatement of the title is great by itself, but the way it describes fighting with a lover is funny and disturbingly real. Most of the songs here are like that.

Lead singer Jana Sotzkos has a beautiful voice made deeper with echo, who at once made me think both of Justine Frischmann (of Elastica, for those too young to remember the 1990s) and Cat Power (solo indie darling, for those too young to remember the double-zeros), even though the music isn’t really like anything those performers were known for. With lines like, “I collect panic attacks and nasty tattoos,” this is a record that will stay with you.

Standout tracks: Love ,Aren’t We Angry; Feeding Ghosts; Sharks.

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