VOYAGER ONE-“Afterhours in the Afterlife”

Indie prog rockers unite! If you’re into spacey, swirling, effects-driven jams, heavy on the keyboards (think: Mazzy Star), lighter-than-air vocals that still have a little bottom (think: Syd Barrett in his
prime), and obscure, cosmic lyrics (think: Yes), then
Voyager One is for you. They may be from Seattle, but they’re as far from grunge as you can get. Every song is a precise, intricate, and well-produced atmospheric soundscape, slightly shoegazery and full of psychedelic detail. And they do it with just 5 dudes in the band!

This isn’t a kind of genre that it’s easy to excel in: For every really good album, like this one, there are at least a dozen dull ones. So for that, too, Voyager One deserves praise. This talented group has been on Loveless Records since 1999, and I’m kind of surprised I’m only just hearing about them now, on this, their fourth album.


The Future is Obsolete

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