Sometimes it’s nice not to have to interpret your music. Just let it come, and be a part of the day. Voyces is that kind of band. Light, almost folk-y rock. Check out Kissing Like It’s Love, the obvious single off of “Get Him, Eat Him.” If the 1970s starlight-and-moonbeam vocals don’t pull you in, make sure you stick around until the incredibly intricate, beautiful guitar break, which features one of the best gentle solos I’ve heard in a long while. If you are a big fan of Rhino’s “Hit Sounds of the 70s,” then you won’t want to miss this album. Songs like Top of My Lungs would clearly have been huge hits back then, both because of the musical style and the refrain (“I’ll be all right again, baby, soon as I get back home . . .”) Check it out on a rainy Sunday.

For fans of: Belle & Sebastian, Magic Numbers.

P.S. Thanks to Amy for turning me on to this band. Her review is better than mine, too, so go read it!

Kissing Like It Is Love-The Voyces

You’re In Charge Now . . . -The Voyces



Go-Apples in Stereo

Please-Apples in Stereo

Can You Feel It?-Apples in Stereo

The Rainbow-Apples in Stereo

Energy-Apples in Stereo

Strawberry Fire-Apples in Stereo

Radiation-Apples in Stereo

Do You Understand?-Apples in Stereo

Open Eyes-Apples in Stereo

I Can’t Believe-Apples in Stereo

Skyway (Replacements Cover)-Apples in Stereo

Motorcar-Apples in Stereo

Tin Pan Alley-Apples in Stereo

Sun Is Out-Apples in Stereo

What’s the Number?-Apples in Stereo

Ruby-Apples in Stereo


Play Tough-Apples in Stereo

Baroque-Apples in Stereo

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