Sometimes it’s interesting to see how people find my site.  These are the most commonly searched Google terms used to find this corner of the internet yesterday:

bestiality 2
vaginer 2
short actors that could be wolverine 2
phil collins 2
superhero rap battle part 1 song 1
“standing army” dvd 1
in my pocket lady daisey review 1
elvis 1
panda riot paper planes blogspot 1
sam baker cotton

Very odd, eh?  Here’s something cooler: My favorite documentarian has released a soundtrack to his latest production, “Floating: the Nathan Gocke Story.” You can get a taste of it, by the band Moonlit Sailor, along with songs by a bunch of other Deep Elem Records artists here, and check out a preview of the documentary here.  It’s about a guy who gets a spinal cord injury while surfing, and tries to surf again.  It premiers on Fuel TV on June 23 at 6:30pm.

And another free one is by Julian Shah.  Get it here.

And finally, Fashawn’s tribute to Nas’ Illmatic.  It’s new words over Ill beats, from a Cali perspective.  As of right now, it’s one of my favorite mixtapes of 2010.

Here’s the direct DL link.

You can say “thank you” now.

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