A while back, I posted one, two, three Yo La Tengo cover posts. A few of you liked them, I promised more, but didn’t deliver.

Until now.

The first one I’m posting I need help with. I’ve been told it’s a Sun Ra cover, but I haven’t been able to confirm that. If anyone knows who did the original and, more importantly, how I can get a better quality boot of this song, please tell me. It’s my 8 year old’s favorite tune: Dreaming (Sun Ra(?))

Somebody’s Babe (Jackson Browne)

Roadrunner (Modern Lovers)

Somebody’s In Love (Cosmic Rays)

You Tore Me Down (flaming groovies – live)

A Message to Pretty (Arthur Lee and Love)

Pop Life (Prince)-Cover by Dump (Yo La side project)

Don’t Cry No Tears (neil young)

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