Does anybody out there miss the Heartless Bastards? I’ve heard that they’re back together–saw a poster for a show on The Haight–but I haven’t been blessed with their album yet. Until that day comes

The Kindness Kind are a worthy substitute. Alessandra Rose has a hot, sexy, and powerful voice that blasts through well constructed guitar riffs and a masterful rhythm section. In fact, the drums on The Kindness Kind’s self-titled debut are one of the standout things about a band that has a lot going for it. The album’s most interesting track, “Lusk Letter,” is plaintive and poppy, and so catchy it will stay with you for days. It’s close to being shoegaze, but avoids self-indulgent melancholy, trending closer to a traditional rock ballad.

This is the band’s second record, as I understand it, but it’s the first I’ve heard of them. Highly recommended.
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Lusk Letter


Y Control-Yeah Yeah Yeahs (Faint Remix)

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