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1. It’s the theme song from the only X-Rated movie ever to win an Oscar.

2. Luna. Shoegazer fascination!

3. Willie Nelson. Awesomely tasty, gently pleasant!

4. Jesse Malin. From his new covers album, which I hope to be giving away soon!

5. Codetalkers. Even unknown bands sound good doing it!

6. Allison Brown Deep country!

7. Bob Walkenhorst (9.8.04). Pretty faithful acoustic take!

8. Kevin Selby. More uptempo, but still pretty true to the original.

9. Blame Love/Everybody’s Talkin’-Danny Schmidt. Finger pickin’ good!

10. Ratso is the best role for a guy who also played the lead in The Graduate, Tootsie, Straw Dogs, Papillon, Lenny, Kramer vs. Kramer, Rain Man, Marathon Man . . . (How do people say Pacino and Dinero are America’s greatest actors???). Plus, it starred Angelina Jolie’s dad!

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