Party music for New Year’s Eve! I know it’s late, but you can still listen to it in ’08.

1. Free Album Download!

The great(est?) rap label Rhymesayers is selling the new Atmosphere Sad Clown Bad Winter EP, but they’re also giving away a full Atmosphere b-sides album! Go here for details!

2. Free Rhymefest and Mark Ronson mixtape!

Rhymefest, on his myspace page, is offering his new mixtape for free. I’m not really understanding his distribution method, but it’s widely available. It’s got spots by Talib Kweli and Little Brother, among others, and features samples of MJ tracks–many of which are lesser-known beats, like Michael’s old cover of “Ain’t No Sunshine.” Here’s how he describes it:

“Now, don’t go thinking I did some cheesy shit; you know… just rapping over Thriller, Billie Jean, the standard classics. Oh no, my brothers and sisters: we dug in the archives for this one. We got Mike jams that you may not even remember, as well as some unreleased shit that I know you have never heard before. I mean, we got Michael joints remixed by some of Hip-Hop’s best producers: Mark Ronson, Emile, 9th Wonder & Best Kept Secret. And, just to get you ready for what’s getting ready to happen, head over to my MySpace profile at myspace.com/rhymefest and preview the new joint “NEVER CAN SAY GOODBYE” featuring Talib Kweli and the hot back-and-forth between myself and up-and- coming DC rapper Wale on “GET UP”. Don’t forget to check out “FOOLIN AROUND”; that should be self-explanatory.”

Check out this awesome track, and if you dig it, cop the whole thing.

Dancin’ Machine-Rhymefest

Megaupload link.

3. And while we’re on the topic of hip hop, go to I Guess I’m Floating to read Louie’s best hip-hop of 2007 list. It’s shocking, but there’s interesting comments about it. Tell him how wrong he is! (Just kidding–I love the blogosphere because there’s room for every opinion Even the wrong one. Kidding again!)

4. Feeling nostalgic? Then listen to Skillz’s wrap up of 2007, to the beat y’all! Courtesy of Spine Magazine.

5. Still feeling nostaligic? DJ Soul from Brooklyn offers both sides of Kid Capri’s classic Free James Brown mixtape (follow the link).

6. Feeling nostalgic but don’t want to admit it? Listen to the old-is-new again ’70s beats of Sex in the City by Sugar and Gold, from their recent release, Creme.

7. Prefer old rock to old funk? Check out Heather’s post with lots of classic Replacements and solo Westerberg songs. Lots. Great stuff.

8. Follow this link to the get what was most definitely the best mixtape of the year, Lil’ Wayne’s Da Drought 3.

9. Or go here for a “Seriously West Coast” alternative rock mix, with some really great songs on it from artists like The Format, Datarock, Barenaked Ladies, Sarah McLachlan, and many others.

10. Now,

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