I’m told this is “chillwave” or “post EDM,” but if you’re like me, you usually find those to be fairly vapid genres. So instead, think of Alice Ivy as white girl hip hop. No, don’t. That’s probably not much better. How about this: It defies genres, and it defies expectations.

There is rap here, but I’m almost certain you’ve never heard of the guys who provide the vocals. And it’s safe rap–like “Be Friends,” which is literally about friendship. If that sounds too sweet for you, know that it’s definitely got an old school feel, but the beats and music underneath is extremely busy: Constantly sliding back and forth, redubbing and overdubbing, gliding across soundpaths…

Alice Ivy doesn’t look like your typical beats producer, and her brand of hip hop is definitely less accessible than compatriots like, say, The Avalanches–but that’s what makes it so cool.

That’s it. It’s cool.

Hailing from Australia, this is her debut. Definitely check it out.

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