GIRL NOBODY-“Balaclava Casino Heist”

Where the fuck has Karen O been lately? And Courtney Love? I dunno. But in the meantime, Marta Jaciubek-McKeever of Girl Nobody is a damn fine replacement. And Marta doesn’t just bring slightly-hoarse “dirty girl” vocals to the party. Obviously produced for alt-rock sensibilities, her voice reaches back to the Breeders, uses vocal effects but not to an extreme, or can suddenly go from a Sinead-style peak to a sultry, almost loving Edie Brickell whisper. I’m thinking specifically of the mellow ska of Sniffin’ Glue. She’s got the kind of vibrant, versatile voice that just makes you want to bend her over and –. Excuse me. I don’t want to ignore the rest of the band, because the whole lot of them are quite good. Nice drumming, good riffs, and some pretty good navel-gazing keyboards. This is an all-around tight band, and you should look forward to the September release of their new album. They won’t let me post the best cut on the album, which is Icons Bleed, a song that showcases complex time changes and rhythms, but they do want you to hear this:

Balaclava Casino Heist (title track from the upcoming album).

Or go to You Tube to catch a video from their first record, for the tune “Cages.”

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