I slept on this one for a couple months. Everyone loves it. And it’s great.

Saba (short for his childhood nickname, “Sabotage”) has been part of the Chicago rap scene for a while now, and his work is always solid–but with this album, he hits a new level.

One of the many good things about Few Good Things is that it’s truly an album. I mean, sure, there are some singles on it. But overall, it’s meant to be heard in one sitting. straight through. To get the textures. How it transfers from the neo-soul of One Way or Every Nigga With a Budget to Kendrick-like anger on Survivor’s Guilt to the top 40 bounce of Fearmonger (where Dauod provides a great feature) and then circling back to soul again on Come My Way with Krayzie Bone–one of the best songs on the record. You’ll hear shades of Lupe Fiasco, Andre 3000, and other giants of hip hop–but Saba is never derivative.

This is a brilliant album.

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