NEES AND VOS-“Extended Play”

Nees and Vos sent me their debut album about a month ago, and it’s been sitting on my “fence post.” I’ve struggled with how and whether to post on it because it’s “more of a collection of tunes rather than a cohesive set,” and those words come from the band itself (Andrew Neesley), not me. But I’ve given it several repeated listens and I’m glad I did. It’s not simple pop–it didn’t hook me right in. It’s complex blues and jazz. Vocal tracks are somewhere near vintage Michael McDonald, with music like M’shell N’dege O’Cello (I’m sorry if I spelled that wrong!). It’s chill, groovy, and provocative. Especially the great cover of Ain’t No Sunshine, and the well-arranged horn pops. I’d like to hear a proper album from these guys–see what they can do when the wheels come off and they really set to creating a full set. I hope someday I get the chance.

Ain’t No Sunshine

Hey DJ

Also: Check the page link above to the Best of 2007. We’re keeping an ongoing list of our favorite records of the year. It’s like a 24 hour real time buying guide!

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