One of my favorite artists to hear live is Michelle Shocked. I’ve seen her at least three times, including when she went through her (regrettable) disco phase. Here, she’s acoustic and electirc with the The Tower Of Power for a horn section, from the Newport Folk Festival in Rhode Island, 1990. A few tastes and then a zip.

– Michelle Acoustic –

1. (Making The Run to) Gladewater
2. Memories Of East Texas
3. Worth The Weight
4. Over The Waterfall
5. Graffiti Limbo
6. Ballad Of Penny Evans
7. Die-In Protest
8. Anchorage
w/Tower of Power:
9. Sleep Keeps Me Awake
10. Too Little Too Late
11. God Is A Real Estate Developer
12. On The Greener Side
13. Silent Ways
14. It Must Be Luff
15. (Don’t You Mess Around With) My Little Sister
What Is Hip (Tower of Power cover)

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