Elle does the nip slip, showing Dolphin love.

How many of you out there remember the band Flipper? Anyone? Probably not many of you. But I bet you all remember Nirvana and PiL! And Flipper was a big influence on them.

Flipper, named after the thalidomide baby on the cover of one of their first records, were an underground San Francsco punk band that formed in 1979. They went through a bunch of lineup changes, largely due to their incredibly offensive live shows and album jackets, before trying to reinvent themselves in the early 1990s under Rick Rubin’s wing. In 2006, the band, including Bruce Loose (who got real fucked up in a car wreck), formed once again, getting yet another bass player. This time, it was Krist Novolselic, formerly of Nirvana.

Here’s a bootleg of that lineup, from a free show they did at the world’s greatest record store, Amoeba Records on Haight St. in San Francisco.

Tracklist (a few tastes, then a zip)

Ha Ha Ha
Night Falls Like Dirt Rocks
Way Of The World
Triple Mass Murder Suicide
Shed No Tears
Be A Good Child


Here’s Bruce, post-accident.

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