First of all, I want to thank those readers out there who have commented and e-mailed to tell me that they like this blog for the indie write-ups, not for the stuff that drives search engines to this corner.   I’m going to be focussing on those posts more and more in the future, and moving away from posts like today.  But frankly, without the numbers driven by posts like this it’s much harder to justify labels sending me CDs, which is a major source of indie discoveries for me.  Also, it helps me justify the massive amounts of time it takes to do this thing of ours.

 So today, it’s The Day Pearl Jam Met R.E.M.

Well, technically it’s just Vedder and McCready meeting Stipe and Mills, but they are, respectively, the backbones of their bands. Okay, now all of Jeff Ament’s fans are going to tell me I’m a useless sack of shit.

From June 1997, an acoustic set. Excellent quality, excellent playing. Excellent, all around!


Yellow Ledbetter

Rockin’ in the Free World

Long Road (with Michael Stipe and Mike Mills)

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