10 REASONS 2007 IS A GREAT YEAR FOR MUSIC . . . (and pictures)

1. Arctic Monkeys Japanese B-Sides!

Da Frame 2R-Arctic Monkeys

Bakery-Arctic Monkeys

Matador-Arctic Monkeys


3. Scissors For Lefty

Their album drops June 12, and I expect all of you to get it. It’s really, really great.

Ghetto Ways-Scissors for Lefty

Lay Down Your Weapons-Scissors for Lefty

4. Dungen. Their new video. Another great indie band that you need to check out. Now.



Go to the youtube for the full version of drunken David Hasselhoff eating a sandwich in front of his little kid. Mmmmmm. Depressing yet funny.

6. Chromeo.

Chromeo-Tenderoni (Etienne de Crecy Remix)


7. D.

You can find D at his myspace page, where he offers an amazing cover of “Irreplacable” (Beyonce)-D. My favorite thing about his page is his list of influences. It reads, “Me.”

8. Ray’s Vast Basement.

California’s Gone

How Through Sacrifice Danny’s Friends Threw a Party

9.  Arks!

The International-Arks


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