“I specialize in cinematic street music, signing in and ready to work y’all…” That’s how Ty Farris starts the song “Keep the Circle Closer,” in which he drops a brief interlude of him talking to his daughter, who wants to hear his music, and he tells us that his bars are not for kids. Very nice.

“No Cosign, Just Cocaine” is my first exposure to Ty Farris. He’s a Detroit gangsta rapper, whose content is about money, bitches, and how great he is. Nothing new, right? But with street tales, we know it’s not what the song is about, it’s how the rapper tells the story. And Farris is a compelling MC.

Farris knows his way around a song. “I squint my eyes I can see the future/My brother was a shooting guard now he’s the shooter.” Yeah, lost youth. First you take to the lifestyle, for money or infatuation, and the lifestyle takes you.

Ty got his start in the underground battlerap scene, where he quickly got a name for himself, and now he’s poised to break through. If skill a reason to get rap famous, Farris is a shoo-in. Anyway, I’m rooting for him.

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