So, I had so much fun making the last list, whaddya think of another poll?  I was thinking of possible topics, and I then I realized: The reason the last poll was so good was ’cause it introduced me to Slint (I’m still looking for a proper album–not easy to find) and reintroduced me to Husker Du (just bought Zen Arcade–love it!)  But my collection is light on the ladies.  So . . .

The ten best women of indie rock?  Again, indie would mean ladies (or gal-fronted bands) who released material on a label independent from the RIAA.  Your votes should be based on that independent material, not on stuff they released since they were signed to a big label.

For my own list, I’d have to include Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Marnie Stern, and Susanna Hoffs (who, ironically, released better material after she was dropped from Polygram).  I don’t wanna add more names, because I don’t want to influence the voting.

Whaddya’ll think?  Wanna do it?  If so,  drop me a comment with your list or shoot me an e-mail.  If I get about 100 responses, I’ll tally the results and print them.

Let’s do this!

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