BRIAN GROSZ-“Bedlam Nights”

The easy comparison is to Tom Waits, but I’m not gonna say it. Instead, I’m gonna tell you that Brian Grosz is a bluesy and gruff singer-songwriter who weaves tales of problems that can be best solved with bullets to the head and bags of trash that hang like grapefruits from the trees. It’s guitar-based music, but it sounds like dark piano songs, witt a musical complexity that defies the typical Soundgarden-gone-acoustic sound. The former Dogs of Winter frontman, this Brooklynite is supposed to be great in concert. I can’t speak to that, but I’m really digging “Bedlam Nights,” and I’m gonna advise you all to check it out. Readers know that that’s not something I do after all my reviews–only those that are spinworthy from front to back. So do it. Check it out.

Roads (Portishead cover)

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