detective kalita

I haven’t written about Detective Kalita on this new blog site yet, and that’s a damn shame. The Michael Parks record came in ’05, I believe, but it still manages to reach my ears with regularity. It’s an unrushed, mellow, and beautiful record, that’s both catchy and contemplative, simple and complex, contradictory and soothing. They’re on the great Kelp Records, who also handle The Acorn and Camp Radio, some of Canada’s best. Check ’em out.

Best Man Blues-Detective Kalita

Altona, MB-Detective Kalita

The Only Game in Town- Detective Kalita


If you don’t know these guys, you need to. Stellar pop. Check out how good they are live, and then go buy their records. They’ve got some stuff available at e-music.

Amsterdam-peter bjorn and john

Chills-peter bjorn and john

Objects of My Affection-peter bjorn and john

Paris-peter bjorn and john

Teen Love (Concretes cover)-peter bjorn and john

Up Against the Wall-peter bjorn and john

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