Label comps are usually pretty generic affairs: A few “unreleased” hits by a few named artists, and then sample cuts from a disparate collection, none of which belong together, leaving the listener disjointed and bored. That’s why I rarely review them. But Luaka Bop, an unusual label with an international roster, now provides us with an exception to the rule. “Luaka Bop: 21st Century, 21st Year,” is eclectic, to be sure, but it’s world-music feel kept me hooked from the start.

Track listing, and a few tastes:

Ponta De Lanca Africano (Umbabarauma)- Jorge Ben
Aht Uh Mi Hed- Shuggie Otis
Fuzzy Freaky- David Bryne (YSI)
Samba Sem Nunhum Probelma- Marcio Local
Keleya- Moussa Doumbia
Sexy- Los Amigos Invisibles
Rio Longe- Moreno +2
Bacalao Con Pan- Irakere
Valentin- Susana Baca
Sweet Melody- Zap Mama
Defeito 2: Curiosidade- Tom Ze
Whoever You Are- Geggy Tah
Static On The Radio- Jim White
Baby- Os Mutantes (YSI)

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