Remember in the 1990s when you had powerpop, sugary-sweet girl-fronted bands who were backed by killer, hard rock hooks? Like the really good ones, you know, like Veruca Salt? Well, Charly Bliss is the obvious torch bearer. Eva Hendricks’ voice, which borders on being babytalk-cute, cuts through some of the best grunge I’ve heard since….The 1990s. Her voice is perfect—don’t misunderstand. When she explodes in an adorable scream, while singing about “bleeding out in a snow cone,” and then the band cuts in with a blazing storm of hooks-crashing-into-feedback, you know you’re in the right place for good music.

“I don’t wanna scare you/I don’t wanna share you.” Her lyrics are sexy and maniacal, all at once. “I cry all the time. I’m in touch with my feelings.” Self-aware, introspective, exciting….Great stuff!

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