A year back, on our old, attacked-by-the-RIAA-then-hijacked-by-advertisers
site, we interviewed Jim Vallet from Chicago’s Track a Tiger. That was when he was promoting Woke up Early the Day I Died, the band’s debut album that wasn’t nearly as depressing as the title. Featuring lots of hooks and melodies, and very well produced, the album was entrancing.

Now, they’ve finished their second record, but they don’t have a release date or label yet. The singles, though, show growth. I can’t put my finger on it, but there’s something about this group’s sound that just resonates with me.

That’s the truly hard part about writing about music: Writing. Sometimes words fail to describe, and you just have to listen:

“Saint About to Fall”-Track a Tiger

“All These Accidents”-Track a Tiger

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