PORT CITIES (Self Titled)

So this album arrives by email. I put it in. And it sounds very, very familiar. I love it. I look for something, anything, hosted on soundcloud or bandcamp. Nothing. So I don’t write about it, because if I can’t give you all a taste, what’s the point? I forget about it.

Half a year later, “Port Cities” arrives. I put it in. And it sounds very, very familiar. Yeah, it’s the same album as before.

Still nothing on Soundcloud. Still no Bandcamp.

WTF guys?!? Are you trying to be ignored?  Add on top of that a bandname that’s difficult to search for, and an eponymous album.  And yet, it’s too good to ignore.

Why do I love this album so much?  Well, in part, I’m a sucker for that old AM Radio sound: Clear, well-produced, simple, and catchy as hell.  I also love bands with both a male and female lead vocalist.  And at least a few of the songs have terrific lyrics (I’m thinking in particular of “How to Lose You”).

And now there’s a couple youtube vids.

Port Cities.  You magnificent bastards.

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