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“The Fall” breaks me. Amazing lyrics, perfect vocals, excellent music. I’m not sure it’s possible to craft a better folky, Americana tune.

And then right after it, on Reina Del Cid’s latest album “The Cooling,” comes the optimistic “Where the Sun Always Shines.” And I’m even more impressed.

Song for song, song after song, The Cooling is a perfect album. It’s hard to imagine a better singer/songwriter could possibly come out this year. Find it, buy it, love it.

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CARY KANNO-The Light Fantastic

Cary Kanno is a Chicago singer/songwriter who was in the bands Abstract Giants and Doko Benjo before striking out on his own in 2009. His latest, “The Light Fantastic,” is a great collection of well-written, gentle tunes full of heart. One is reminded of Josh Ritter or Andrew Bird. He’s not twee, but his music is definitely sweet.

Check out the new album below–I particularly recommend “We are All Animals” and “Ignorance is Bliss.” Also, there’s a neat over of Nirvana’s “Something in the Way.”


[.que]-Brilliant Hopes

What a horrible name for such a talented composer! [.que]’s latest, Brilliant Hopes, is a largely piano-based instrumental record that feels gentle and folk-y but also modern and almost ambient.

Available in mp3 format for $9 from Amazon here, and it’s even cheaper from emusic–a wonderful way to buy tunes.


GHASTLY MENACE-Songs of Ghastly Menace

Let’s call Ghastly Menace’s album experimental, but don’t let that make you think it’s inaccessible. A song like “Real Life” is 100% hook. “She Won’t Stay for Long” is a straight up ballad. And yet somewhere about 70% of the way in, each song takes a deep left turn somewhere else—beyond where it started.

This is the kind of album I want to find pretentious. I want to dislike it. But I can’t. It overcomes my prejudice against music that thinks it’s smarter than me, and drags me on my face along for the ride. That sounds bad, doesn’t it? But it isn’t. Really.

Stream it below and pay $10 to support this lo-fi sextet out of Chicago.



Some good, honest pop music coming out of As Washington, D.C. Indie rockers Mittenfields have been playing together for a while now, and it shows. It’s also remarkably well produced when you factor in that this is a self-release.

DIY–way to go guys!


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