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DHRUVA KRISHNA-The Great Skedaddle (EP)

Check out these great instrumentals! Especially the covers of Willie Nelson’s Crazy and “Yesterday,” by the Beatles (which actually has vocals).

This is 1960s throwback music y’all. And if you like that, also check out his cover of Bob Marley’s No Woman No Cry, also below.

All free!


BIDINIBAND-The Motherland

This is just plain good old indie rock and roll. Bidiniband are tight, and they’re not trying to impress you with their weirdness. It’s singing, hand-clapping, terrific drumming, solid hooks, and a positive vibe. What rock is all about.

Remember rock and roll?


DIRT DRESS-Revelations (EP)

You might not hear something that qualifies as “new” here, but I bet you’ll like it if you like indie rock–by which I mean true indie rock, not the corporate offshoot that co-opted the sound and turned into seamless pop (I’m looking at you, Kaiser Chiefs). Twelve Pictures could be a New Pornographers song circa 2007. Three Silk Flowers has the kind of forward march, percussion-driven sound that you expect when you think of indie rock and roll. And the title track is devastating post-90 altrock that would be at home on any radio station of the era.

Good stuff!



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