MY MORNING JACKET (self-titled)

Remember when My Morning Jacket were one of the most interesting jam-style Americana bands in the business? It’s been a while. But it turns out 5 people DO remember, and they’re the band themselves.

MMJ’s eponymous 2021 album reclaims their name. After a mystical, swirling start titled, “Regularly Scheduled Programming,” the band offers a set of ready-made singles with funky hooks, terrific vocals, smoking grooves…Everything that’s been missing for the last few albums.

It’s ironic that this album has so much love and life in it, given that the world has been in a pandemic for nearly two years and it’s hard to find that kind of inspiration. The band has clearly tapped into something deep, and the results are magnificent.

This is their best album since 2008’s Evil Urges…Maybe even since the brilliant It Still Moves from 2003.

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