50. Window Flowers by Liz Cooper and the Stampede (Blues rock)
This is mostly on here for the amazing, hypnotic song, “Dalai Lama.” It’s a 7+ minute masterpiece.

49. Police State by Spiritual Cramp (Hardcore EP)

48. The Lost Lions EP by Priest (electropop EP)
Off the strength of 2017’s stellar “White Wing Dove,” which had nothing at all to do with Stevie Nicks, three more songs are put on EP that’s a blast to listen to.

47. P.H.D. (Prison, Hospital, Debt) by Rat Scabies

46. Czarface Meets Metalface by MF DOOM and Czarface (alt hip hop)
I really wanted to rate this album higher, but MF DOOM is simply not what he used to be. Still, though, DOOM on an off-day is better than most of the new jacks at their best. And the same is true of Wu Tang’s Inspectah Deck and 7L and Esoteric. A solid album, well worth your time, and hopefully it will get you interested enough to look up their back catalogs.

45. Little Beast by Lucy Wainwright Roche (singer/songwriter)
A powerful collection of dark folk and rock, with one song that stands out above all others. “Heroin” is definitely one of the ten best songs of the year.

44.  What Happens When I Try to Relax by Open Mike Eagle (hip hop EP)
Smart, funny, a great but all-too-brief entry by OME.

43. Yes, This is Killing Us by Desi, Cody (dark folk)

42. Freedom’s Goblin by Ty Segall (psychedelic garage rock)

41. Last Man Standing by Willie Nelson (old school country)
One of country music’s GOATs shows his age and wears it well.

40. As I Fell by Curse of Lono (indie rock)
Dark music with a pop beat, and an intensity level that never cools down.

39. Big Bossin’ Volume 2 by Payroll Giovanni and Cardo (gangsta rap)
Because sometimes you just need some ’90s style street slangin’.

38. Marlowe (self-titled) (MF DOOMish hip hop)
The creativity here just bursts and explodes.

37. Royalty by Earthgang (EP) (alt hip hop)
Spacey alt hip hop.

36. Practical Sadness by Kate Tucker (Americana)
Excellent lyrics, tightly written and accessible Americana. This whole album is worth it just for the song “In Your Arms,” which brings to mind Kasey Chambers at her best, but the rest of it is fantastic as well. Not enough people wrote about this record this year. If you’re an Americana fan, you need to hear it.

35. Undefeated II: Trust the Process by Ace Hood (southern rap)
The Florida rapper continues to prove he has one of the most dextrous voices in rap.

34. Rebound by Eleanor Friedberger (ex-Fiery Furnaces)

33. Isolation by Kali Uchis (Soul)
Beautiful South American R and B you can dance and sway to, with guitar work by Steve Lacy and a feature by Tyler, The Creator.

32. Bark Your Head Off, Dog by Hop Along (indie rock)
This album is a perfect circle. Powerful words set to music that is alternatively catch and unsettling. Just like the words.

31. Joonya Spirit by Jaala (genre-busting indie rock)
Experimental, funky, noisy, edgy and crunchy. Amazing.

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