Tee Grizzley has two thing immediately against him. First, he’s got a trap sound. I don’t like trap as a rule, I usually find it superficial and I have trouble finding originality in most of it. Second, more than a third of the songs on his welcome back album are through a voice machine. If your voice can’t carry a rap, I immediately don’t respect you.

But he climbs over these obstacles, easily, and kills it on “My Moment,” a collection of gritty (“real niggas ain’t got to say they real”), honest (“she call me daddy but she ain’t my daughter/I ain’t raised her”), and often hilarious (“this ain’t no Rollie, it’s an ice sculpture!”) rap jams that effortless move from fast to slow, from street hardcore to love story…It’s like he’s been working on them for years! And he has. He just got out of a three-year bid in prison. It’s a fast-moving barrage of one-liners, a mad race forward to make up for time lost while this new voice was in the “country,” as he calls it…And one of the best mixtapes debuts I’ve heard in years. And I’m not alone in recognizing this dude’s mad skills…He made a video already with Mike Epps!

And he’s already signed and touring with Savage and one of the other best new voices in the game: Young MA.

Get it here.

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