Band of horses

With Everything All the Time, the great Sub Pop Records, produced one of the greatest records of ’07. I love this band. Here’s a few of the songs from that album:

The Funeral-Band of Horses

Great Salt Lake-Band of Horses.

The band will tour the south in March (Atlanta, Florida, etc.), and if you’re down there, I suggest strongly that you check them out. If you’re not down there, you can go to Sub Pop and buy their limited edition tour ep, and while you’re waiting for it to arrive, you can enjoy this pretty good quality bootleg!

Monsters-A Band of Horses (live!)

The First Song-A Band of Horses (live!) (follow link)

The Great Salt Lake-A Band of Horses (live!)

Our Swords-A Band of Horses (live!)

Part One (Savannah)-A Band of Horses (live)

No One’s Gonna Love You-A Band of Horses (live!)

Funeral-A Band of Horses (live!)

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