SCOTT COOK-“Long Way to Wander”

From the mailbag, I wanna point some of you to Scott Cook, a country-roots artist. Lots of my readers won’t cotton to this easy—it’s simple backporch music that isn’t typically featured here. Some of you will find it corny, or old fashioned, or somesuch. But I’m betting there’s a few of you who will appreciate it.

Formerly the frontman for “The Anglers,” a Canadian/South African roots/reggae band, Scott Cook was born in raised in West Virginia and spent much of his early life traveling the world (or at least Canada and Taiwan). His experiences add a wordly flavor to his down-home songs, which may explain why I found them to be more interesting than the typical one-guitar-one-voice record.

Give it a try!

Fish Jumpin’

My Grandma

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