No legal mpfrees available for the new album? That sucks. But y’know what doesn’t suck? The new album.

A couple tracks have already been out, like Rockabye Baby, which features Schoolboy Q and is about as close to “old’ Joey as you’ll find here.

The rest of the album is a “message” album, really. Or at least most of it is. It’s political, and has less of his deft wordplay, but it’s a good change of pace for Joey. We already knew he could spin grimy tales with wit and mad vocab, but this is a side of him we haven’t seen as much of.

Woah. And yes, there’s lots of guest shots, but they’re not here to help sell. They fit. They work. And everyone brings their A Game. Because they’re standing next to Joey. So they best bring it.

This album proves you can grow up and still be cool, still spit fire. Also, I just learned he went to my High School. Cool.

Five stars.

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