Sometimes, I wonder if the only regular reader of Berkeley Place who digs the hippity hop is me. I wonder that.

But in the event that there are some headz out there, I’m letting you know that 9th Wonder (producer extraordinaire, best known for his work with Little Brother) and Murs (reknowned underground rapper) have teamed up for a third project (if you don’t have 3:16, you don’t love underground hip hop). There were a few leaks of it, but this is the official version. You can download it, free and legal, and you can give a donation. Looks like the duo are taking a cue from Saul Williams, who distributed Niggytardust the same way about 6 months ago.

Go here to get it!

And while I’m on the subject of rap music, I recently read that Game is going after the white king of hip hop because Eminem allegedly told Dr. Dre not to make music with Game anymore. I haven’t heard if the track has actually been released, and apparently The Game denies the whole story, saying he’s focusing on acting right now. Huh? Focusing on acting? Doesn’t L.A.X. drop soon? I got to say that I’m really looking forward to L.A.X., ’cause I think Game drops some of the most consistently good gangsta rap on a major label, but his recent mixtapes are showing age. Like so many giants before him, he may be suffering burnout. We’ll see, I guess, when the album finally comes out.

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