Of course this is a great rap album. Pusha-T has been in my top 5 since the second Clipse album. And he’s only gotten better since then.

Pusha has only put out four solo albums in 11 years, along with a few mixtapes. It’s been four years since he put out Daytona–a certified masterpiece. In the world of modern music–especially hip hop–that’s a lifetime.

How good is It’s Almost Dry? Let’s count the ways. It features Pusha being reunited with Pharrell–the producer who discovered him when, together, they put Clipse and the Neptunes on the map. It’s also got Malice. Not “No Malice.” Malice. There’s an actual Clipse reunion here. (Might there be a tour in the future..?). John Lennon is on it. Pusha claims his place as Cocaine’s Doctor Suess with brilliant and hilarious one-liners–like adding a new Bible chapter, “The book of blow.” “We specialize in not getting locked up, Akon.” It’s got Jay-Z’s best feature in a long while. It’s got dueling production by two legends: Pharrell Williams and Kanye West. And speaking of Kanye West, he’s on this album too–and he’s not being weird or stupid. It’s classic Kanye. “1-800-Call My Bluff.” Pusha’s got a new snarl in “Just So Remember”–he sounds his age, and he’s earned the right to tell the rest of the rap world to clear a path. He’s a fucking king. King Push.

Coke dealing isn’t like it used to be. It’s changed. Pusha hasn’t. He’s rapping about a street life that barely exists anymore–and yet nothing here sounds dated. He’s 44, and he’s better than just about everyone else.

Maybe he is better than everyone else…?

Right now, my top 10 are clear–but the order I put them in changes. I think Game is still on top.
1. The Game
2. Pusha-T
3. B.I.G.
4. Kendrick Lamar
5. Lupe Fiasco
6. Jay-Z
7. Conway the Machine (sometimes he flips with Benny the Butcher)
8. Scarface
9. Masta Ace
10. MF DOOM. But barely. Your Old Droog is close to bumping Doom out.

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