BLAME ONE-Endurance and K-DOT-O-DOT & 9th UNO-Drugstore Cowboys

Two Bandcamp hip hop records today.  I know, everybody with a Mac and an internet connection can throw some beats up at Bandcamp and call it an album.  But these are different, trust me.

BLAME ONE-Endurance

First, Blame One–an established underground rapper with an old-school style who favors new-jack/soul beats.  I’ve been a fan of Blame One for years–he’s reliable, his rhymes are tight, and he doesn’t need to pose as a hardschool gangsta or front a false image.  He’s about the music, not profiling.  “Endurance” isn’t the best thing he’s ever dropped, but it’s solid throughout–and if you’re listening to Blame, you’re looking for lyricism.  It’s here, in full effect.  Plus, every cut is produced by different producer, which lets him work with some of the best underground beatmakers around: Tranzformer, Dertmerchant, Exile, and eight more.

Glass House-Blame One

Endurance (produced by Sinuous)-Blame One

Buy Blame One for ten bucks here.

K-DOT-O-DOT & 9th UNO-Drugstore Cowboys

Coming at hip hop from the exact opposite side is the profanity-laced and darkly humorous “Drugstore Cowboys” by K.O. and 9th Uno, two Canadian rappers with budding reps.  It’s all about drugs and sex–better living through chemistry, and all–with a grimey flavor and decidedly R-rated lyrics.  But it’s hilarious.  “Drugstore Cowgirl” is a perfect example, with it’s chorus: “Hey how you doing/I can see right now your life’s ruined/You don’t give a fuck who you’re screwing/But those holes in your arm/Is turning me on . . .”  But it’s not like this is the only good cut.  The album is full of bars like that.  Songs have titles like “White Vans Full of Mexicans” and “Coke for the Kids.”  Y0u get the idea.  If you think that’s funny (I do), then it’s for you.  If you don’t, it’s definitely not.

Drugstore Cowgirl (feat. Stash)-K-dot-o-dot and 9th Uno

K Dot etc. is $3 on bandcamp, here.

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